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About JobTeaser

JobTeaser is the European leader in the recruitment and guidance of young talent. We are active in 25 countries, with over 350 employees all over Europe. The company was founded in 2008 with the realization that the transition from the student world to the professional world was often a challenging moment for this younger generation. Rooted in this awareness, the company's core mission centers on facilitating the career orientation of young talent.

To achieve this goal, JobTeaser offers a platform for internship and job searches tailored to students and recent graduates. Integrated directly into 800 schools and universities, the company enables 5 million young people to find their path. Furthermore, JobTeaser serves as a vital bridge, facilitating connections between more than 250,000 recruiters and this promising pool of young talent.


19 Rue Blanche 75009 Paris 9 France

+33 6 50 41 82 39